When you get a no from someone, never react poorly. You might be frustrated, angry, annoyed, irritated, or just exhausted. You might feel despondent, upset, sad, and at the end of your rope.

When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

But you cannot show it. The very thing that most people fear about telling a salesperson “no” is getting a reaction that makes them uncomfortable.

So, despite whatever you’re feeling, immediately respond positively.

When we did sales training for retail organizations we always taught salespeople to respond positively when a customer said they were just looking. Many salespeople would react either indifferently or annoyed with the response. But when the salesperson responded with kindness and enthusiasm, customers would often let their guard down and become far more willing to engage with the salesperson and that would lead to a sale.

The lesson is, make people feel okay about telling you ‘no’ and a couple of key benefits will happen for you.

1. They will let their guard down and be more open to hearing from you again. (Your positive reaction can actually help you turn that no into a yes later!)

2. They will be more likely to refer you or make an introduction because they don’t see you as someone who can’t handle it if things don’t work out. (No one wants to give the names of family, friends, or colleagues to someone that is overly aggressive!)

Now, you might be thinking, but I don’t want people to feel okay about telling me no.

We strongly suggest you change your mindset on that, too. That’s a lack-mentality often associated with standard ‘go for yes’ thinking. What you are saying, is that you want to bully people into buying things they don’t want or need… or, you want people to avoid dealing with you because they are so uncomfortable that they can’t be honest with you. That is a very short-term attitude.  

Go for No! is a win-win mindset and when you combine that with positive persistence, and a long-term attitude, everyone does win. 

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