gfn-goldcoinsThe core of the ‘go for no’ philosophy is to be persistent, tenacious, to not give up. But, how do you know when enough is enough? When you have crossed that ‘line’ and you’ve gone too far with someone?

That darn line.

There are two problems with the LINE… first is, it’s invisible. Second, it’s different for everyone. So, if “the line” is invisible AND it is different for each person, what is the only option for most people?  It’s to stand SO FAR BACK you never, ever accidentally cross over it.

Why fear the line?

For almost every single one of us, we had a moment where we crossed the line and got smacked back down. If you’ve been in business for a while now, there was the one customer/prospect that one time that got upset with you. Or, maybe it was even a parent or a friend that let you have it because you went a little too far. We all have at least one story, one memory and so what we do is make sure that it never happens again.

However, if you never, ever step over the line you will never sell or operate at your full potential. Could you imagine if McDonald’s decided: “most people don’t want fries, and some people get mad when we offer so we are just going to stop doing it and wait until someone asks if we have french fries.” 

They’d rather offer fries to everyone, every time and deal with the few individuals that it makes crazy. In the mean time, lots of people bought fries and McDonald’s didn’t run its business on the minority rule.

So what if you cross the line every now and again? You discovered the line!  Pull your toe back to safety and move on.

 The reality is you are sharing information about your products and services should be win-win. When you operate your business and your life in such a way as to never cross “the line” it’s not just a lose-win (you lose) your customers and potential customers lose too. If you never step over the line? That says more about your courage and persistence and less about the fact you didn’t cross the line with anyone.

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