Let’s start by looking at your choices.

One) you give up and quit.

Two) you don’t stop, keep working, and keep going.

The most recent Tokyo Olympics hosted 11,000 athletes from 206 countries. That’s a lot of athletes that will go home without a medal.

There are 72 countries that have never earned an Olympic medal.

Should they tell their athletes to stay home because they’ll never win?

The next question is, good enough for who?

Good enough for your boss?

Your teacher?

Your parents?

Your family?

Your spouse?


Sometimes we can get caught up in the idea that if what we do is not perfect… it’s not good enough.

You may never be a singer quite as good as Christina Aguilera.

Or a chef as great as Gordon Ramsey.

Or as amazing an innovator as Elon Musk. (By the way, probably neither will I!)

Should you stop trying in life?

Not being good enough is not a good enough excuse to quit.

If you find some joy in what you are doing, if it’s worthwhile, or important to your growth (like getting an education), do not give up so easily.

Carol Dweck, the author of the book, MINDSET, shares that people with a “growth mindset” understand their skills and talents are not fixed from birth and that you can develop them through help from others and hard work.

So, it also just may be that you need to give yourself time to work, grow, and improve. And believe that you can.

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