How do you use your mind to overcome the fear of rejection?

When you get a rejection there’s a question your mind asks.

Answering it correctly is the key to how you tend to react and respond.

And from there, the outcome or result.

Your brain loves to solve problems.

It’s why when we “sleep on something” we often wake up with a better understanding and a way to solve the problem.

Your brain was working on it all night while you slept.

So, the question your mind asks when you get rejected is, “What does this mean?”

In other words, what’s the interpretation of this event?

As far as your brain is concerned, this is a serious problem and it wants to protect you.

So, historically (evolutionarily speaking) the answer your brain gives you is not good.

It’s something like…

  • This is a total disaster.
  • You’re in deep trouble.
  • You’re probably going to die now.
  • Please stop getting rejected, it’s bad for you.

Reprogram How Your Mind Interprets Rejection

You must change these answers in your own mind to something else. There’s no “perfect” script but it doesn’t involve your imminent demise! Instead for example…

  • “That’s okay, it’s part of the process.”
  • “Nos happen to people who put themselves out there.”
  • “I’m awesome and I’m not giving up!”
  • “Another no. I’m going to try again but in a new way.”

The way you answer this question in your mind, informs what you do next and your outcomes.

When you change your response, even if you become a little down or discouraged, you won’t give up.

You won’t quit.

And, you’ll stop fearing rejection because you’ll no longer think of it as the end of your world.

And that’s the key.

The more positive, calm, and forward-thinking your response to this question, the better results you will get over time.

Will it happen overnight?

No, it’s a process. And it requires practice. But it absolutely can be done because you can train your brain to think about rejection differently.

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