One of things we know is that every “yes” you’ve ever gotten in your life required the courage to hear a no. And that’s a great thing! There are unusual benefits to becoming someone who faces rather than fears rejection.

When you put yourself in a position to be rejected, you are taking an emotional risk.

How so?

Because us humans are biologically wired to avoid the risk of rejection.

In the past, it was a physical risk. No one wanted to get thrown out of the group left to survive on their own! That would not have worked out so well. You’d get eaten by a lion for example.

Today, although things have improved, the brain has not fully caught up. Its job is to protect you.

The emotions associated with rejection are a representation of the physical risks rejection poses. Those emotions manifest as fears – fear of loss, failure, and feelings of being unsure or unsafe about the future.

You get one bad rejection and your brain will have you living under the freeway overpass – not six months – tomorrow. Your brain is a warning system. It’s also how you know the brain, while trying to be helpful, is sabotaging you.

But there are huge benefits to facing rejection.

We say these are unusual, because most of us haven’t been taught to seek out what’s good about rejection. Most of us thought it was best to simply try and avoid it.

So, here are three benefits and they are powerful:

  1. The more times you successfully survive a rejection, the more you will “numb” yourself to the emotional sting.
  2. The more you face “no” rather than run from it, the more your courage and confidence will grow, making you so much better.
  3. By dealing with nos, your skills handling it will improve, eventually making you effective at keeping it from happening as often.

Do something a little unusual today.

Face rejection head on. Might hear a no? It’s okay. You will survive.

Remember, a no is not a lion.

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