People may assume ‘Go for No!’ is a sales tool or selling technique… and is simply that with nothing more behind it. That it requires nothing but badgering people over and over.

Of course this is not true. Well…  the ‘over and over’ part is true… nothing turns invested time into profitable time more than following up with people who have told you ‘no.’

Yes, you can turn sales rejection into profits… that is the key to ‘Go for No!’

How? With information. Gather information by asking questions, listening to the answers and taking notes as needed.  As you ‘Go for No’ remember that you are simultaneously building a relationship.

What you learn within the conversation – any nugget no matter how tiny is the ‘how’ of the follow up. It is what you use in your future contacts to attempt to serve the person and/or business again. By listening and learning you can help facilitate current no’s into future yeses.