Prospects and customers use the excuse, “let me think about it” a lot. Face it, we all do it. So let’s reverse engineer the problem.

When WE say we want to think about something, it’s typically for a couple of reasons:

1) we just don’t want to say ‘no’ right then, or…

2) we are not ready to commit for some reason. Maybe it’s a cost issue, maybe it’s timing, or maybe the product is not appealing in every way. There are a lot reasons. But there is always a reason.

Based on these two major issues, you can then chose how you want to respond. I like to think of it like one of those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books and take a path…

1) Tell the person it’s okay to tell you ‘no’ if it’s not something they are interested in.

2) Tell them thinking it over is totally fine, you understand, but you want to set up a time to follow up. Then schedule the follow up and make sure you do it.

3) Probe the issue by responding that usually when someone wants to “think about it” there is an important reason for thinking it over. Some issue big enough not to go forward. And, since that is where they are, you are curious what that issue is. You can do this politely without being pushy.

Whatever you do, don’t get frustrated and do not fear a no.

Your initial reaction should be positive and supportive. Most salespeople would rather pretend that there is not an issue, let the prospect go off to “think about” and lose the sale. If you are going to lose the sale later, why not lose it now and save the prospect and yourself some time?

Have the courage to dig a little, seek to understand and help.

Choose an approach and do your best to be of service to the person you are dealing with. if it really is just a timing issue, they will reinforce that they would like you to follow up with them to go forward. And then be sure that you do.

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