The two things you absolutely, positively must be done to successfully close more sales: PLANNING AND PERSISTENCE 

Call it what you will: following up, checking in, touching base – you’re trying to turn invested time into profitable time.  If you are selling a product or a service you cannot assume that your first contact with someone will close a sale.

A statistic from the Sales & Marketing Management Institute reads:

  • 87% of all leads are never pursued
  • 48% of all sales leads that are pursued are dropped after the first call/meeting
  • AND YET… 80% of all sales close after the fifth contact/meeting

The two things you absolutely, positively must be done to successfully close more sales:


1) PLAN. Develop a system and plan for how and when you are going to follow up with your qualified prospects and customers.

I always plan to follow up with people 3-4 weeks after I proactively send some information to them and schedule it. If it’s an inbound inquiry, we respond as fast as humanly possible and we will follow up the next day and continue to follow up as the days go on until we know if it’s a “no.” (And even then we’ll still stay in touch!)

You must have some kind of plan in place for how to follow up.

What will you do/say in your follow-up message? (Can you share some valuable info as part of it?)

When will you do it?

What system will you use to ensure it gets done?

2) PERSISTENCE. The plans (systems) are only as good as people who have the courage and persistence to use them and follow through on their prompts.

While it’s easy to get overwhelmed with tools and technology, ultimately the responsibility always comes back to you. You know this.

Persistence can often lead to being rejected. And that can mean having your confidence and belief in yourself shattered over time.

Give up having to “look good.”

My friend and fellow sales speaker Carole Mahoney just wrote a great book called, Buyer First and she likes to say: “It’s not about you!”

What if I look pushy? What might they think of me? Why must I? How can I… ? Me. Me. Me.

If you’re trying to help a buyer find a solution or help them get off the fence of indecision to finally solve a problem or improve a condition, you’ve got an imperative to share it. Who cares about how you look? You should look and sound respectful, caring, and helpful!

People who care enough to follow up, plan it and persist, are the ones who get the pay-off of those statistics… the good ones!

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