You might have seen last month the release of the 21 Day Go for No! Challenge workbook.

Guess what? We created another workbook for people who lead a team. We debated making this a standard book but decided it was more a “field guide” – not only to be read and digested – but referred to and used in day to day sales coaching.

The Go for No! Leader is an 8.5 x 11 workbook and the perfect guide for help you to ensure the Go for No! concepts and strategies are implemented to drive results. It will show you how to:

• Communicate the Go for No! concept effectively to every member of the team.
• Change the negative stigma some people have around being in “sales.”
• Challenge people to get outside their comfort zones.
• Concentrate on the behaviors necessary to produce tangible, long-term results.
• Coach people rather than merely “cheering” them on.
• Celebrate success behaviors, even when those behaviors fail to deliver an immediate result.
• Commit to the process to ensure Go for No! is part of your team’s long-term culture.

Whether you lead, manage or support a team, The Go for No! Leader was created specifically for you. Get yours today as we’ve got a special release price of just $12 through the end of August which will go to the standard price of $19.99 on September 1.