Why would you ever want to tell your customers no?

Hang on, let me explain. One of these years, Richard and I want to take a Viking Cruise through Europe.

We called and asked for a catalog to be sent to us so that we can make sure it gets on the vision board.

What we didn’t expect to find but happily discovered, is that on page 14 they have a “NO” page.

It’s everything that Viking does NOT do or does NOT offer.

They have no casino.

No kids under 18.

No charge for beer or wine with meals.

No formal nights.

No photography sales.

No waiting in long lines.

Okay, hang on… this doesn’t sound like a cruise, it sounds like heaven.

That said, if we wanted all those things, Viking just quickly disqualified us. Or, looking at it another way, we could have disqualified ourselves. It would be a “good no” for everyone.

Can you apply this to your sales process?

It ensures you get the right customers, early on.

Unfortunately, some people would rather hide their NO list, hoping the customer doesn’t notice or find out until it’s too late. Now they are both unhappy and a bad yes that might turn into a no anyway.

Don’t be afraid of being explicit about who you are NOT for.

What you DO NOT do.

It’s a win/win for everyone!

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