If there were a single closing technique that always gets the sale, the smart person would be selling it. And getting a lot for it, too.

So, I’m just going to come out and admit there is no “technique” that “always works.” Sorry to disappoint you but I had to get you reading this somehow. That said, there are:

  • Helpful mindsets…
  • Sales philosophies…
  • And best practices that great salespeople have or develop.

A lot of people see closing as something you “do” to a customer, like catching a rabbit in a trap. That type of mindset is what gives sales a bad reputation.

Customers are not prey.

When it comes to closing, the better you do at opening the sale, the more you discover, the easier closing becomes.

Too many people would rather just make a presentation and then rush through to the close hopefully without “losing the sale.” This is a recipe for getting objections and difficulty closing.

If you want to close more sales, do a better job qualifying your customers and making sure what you have is what they want. The earlier the better.

There are sales techniques like the assumptive close where you simply assume and behave as if the customer is purchasing. For transactions, it’s not a bad strategy if you’ve opened well.

Above all, when it comes to closing at the end or any time in the process, don’t be afraid of a “no.” Even getting “no” is still a level of engagement. The door is often still open to ask more questions and discover why they said no.

The more dialog, the more you listen, and then show the customer how you can help them and solve their problem, closing becomes the natural result.

At its most basic level, closing is asking. If you don’t proactively ask for the sale, you’ll close a lot fewer sales. Just ask.

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