• No money.
  • No connections.
  • Lack of education.
  • No support system.

But there is one thing that is between you and success that you can control.

And that’s what you think.

Yes, there are external obstacles.

How you choose to think is probably the greatest thing standing between you and success. That is the irony because it’s the thing we can change the easiest.

Work on your mindset and your belief.

You can decide that things will work out for you or that they will not. You can decide that it’s impossible or that there is a way if you keep going.

Stephen Hawking was a theoretical physicist and probably one of the smartest people on our planet in the last one hundred years.

He also became completely paralyzed, and after surgery on his throat, lost the ability to speak. He spoke through a voice computer.

He still got married (twice!) raised three children, and became a world-famous scientist and author.

He didn’t let his mind talk him out of what he could do.

He chose to think differently. So can you.

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