I remember when I was about six years old, I got my first bike.

What’s crazy was, I hopped on and with zero practice or training, rode that bike down the street like I had been born on it.

People came out of their homes, watching me.

I took my hands off the handlebars and casually peddled down the street resting on my banana-shaped seat.

The other neighborhood kids stopped riding their bikes, staring, their mouths hanging open.

Just kidding.

That did not happen.

My bike started with training wheels. I loved riding and I needed them. So much easier!

I’m not sure when the moment came but it did.

They finally took them off and shakily I was able to go a few yards.

Then I’d start tipping over.

The security of the training wheels was gone, it became a mental game. I noticed that all I needed to do was ride the bike just as I had been previously.

And it just clicked and I was riding.

No shaking, no feeling any more loss of control.

Within a few weeks, the bike couldn’t go fast enough.

It was the easiest thing in the world.

Required no thought at all.

Oh, and a couple of years later, for reasons I no longer remember, I rode my bike directly into a post over at the outdoor garage area of our housing complex. Broke my nose.

If you want to get out of your comfort zone you must start.

Be imperfect. Fail.

And then through persistence and practice, get better and better.

Become fantastic.

And probably fail again.

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