Because the model most people operate with is to ‘avoid failure’ at all costs, they struggle with rejection.

For example, there are usually people we’d love to meet, connect with, partner with but we don’t. We come up with excuses such as, ‘This person will never respond, take my call or work with me. They have no reason to help me. I have no platform or connections.’

All of those things may be the present reality however do you really know what this person will decide to do?

What’s the truth? We don’t know until we ask.

In some cases the most amazing people will agree to talk to you because everyone else doesn’t contact them thinking the exact same things as you are right now. Perhaps, for whatever reason, this person may like what you have to say and decide to help you.

Either way, take a chance.

If they don’t respond or they tell you ‘no’ – nothing really has changed except that later, you won’t have to regret or wonder what may have happened had you made the attempt. The only ‘horror stories’ I personally have aren’t of people that rejected me – they’re of people I wanted to approach but never did. What about you?

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