How is momentum lost?

One definition of momentum is, “force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events.”

For an object moving in a line, the momentum is the mass of the object multiplied by its velocity.  And so that means that a slowly moving, massive body and a rapidly moving, light-weight body can have the same momentum.

Pretty cool huh?  

So when you lose momentum (whatever your mass) you are no longer moving. You have stopped doing the things you know you need to do to be successful.

Why does it happen? Two major things…

  1. You are not focused on a target or objective. You need a goal. It’s easy to lose momentum when you are unclear about the desired outcome.  And not the small day to day goals either… the big goal. Your mission. The “thing” that you are working towards. That ultimate vision must be in front of you.
  2. You are listening to your ‘inner voice’ and it’s sabotaging you. The inner voice likes to say things like, ‘You can’t call that person. They are too successful. They will never help you/buy from you/talk to you. Wait a while. Do it later.”

So you want to get that momentum back?

Revisit your goal. Keep it simple and focused. Stop listening to the voice in your head telling you what you can’t do and who will reject you. (Guess what, your inner voice assumes everyone is going to reject you!)

Keep a ‘go for no’ mindset and if that inner voice pipes up, shut it down immediately by saying, ‘yep, they may say no to me, and that’s just fine, I am going to try anyway.’

And keep going.

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