It was Monday afternoon after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I limped my way into the Emergency Room at Florida Hospital with a very painful stomach ache and Richard by my side. A few tests later, I was being wheeled into surgery for an emergency appendectomy.

“So how are you doing?” the surgeon asked me when he walked into the pre-op room.

“Forget about me, how are you doing? Feeling up to this?” I asked.

My surgeon chuckled, “Yeah I’m good.”

Before I walked in that afternoon, my surgeon was probably thinking he was going to go home, enjoy dinner, and relax. Nope.  Or maybe he needed to get back to his office, check emails, return patient calls, or fill out paperwork from an overflowing inbox.

I have no idea the conditions that this surgeon found himself but this was an emergency so he was doing surgery.


Because he’s a surgeon. While all that stuff he could be doing is important, he’s a surgeon first. It does not matter that everything in this man’s life and practice be ideal and perfect before he takes out my almost bursting appendix.

What does all this have to do with you?

I tell this story because more entrepreneurs and salespeople need to be operating this way. When it comes to selling too many people require everything around them to be perfect before getting down to work. The problem, of course, is that rarely do we get all our conditions met:

  • Clean desk.
  • Clean house or office.
  • Empty in-box.
  • To-do list checked off.
  • Phone calls returned.
  • Social media all updated.
  • Kids, spouse/significant other, pets, plants, etc. all occupied if you’re working at home.

Think again, right?

Ensuring everything around you is in perfect order before you start selling is the fastest way to never start selling. STOP DOING IT! And yet, when I do a 21-day challenge the people who struggle are the ones who do this. They are run by everything else around them except doing the most important things. Waiting for perfect conditions is killing your sales.

Turn off your awareness of all of the outside stuff and focus. Get rid of this notion that everything must be perfect to engage in the most fundamental and critical of all business tasks: selling.  All the stuff you want to handle will be there later. Once you engage in sales activity, you’ll forget about everything else. I’ve done sales and marketing with a clean desk and a messy one and I don’t recall the clean one ever getting me better results!

Ask yourself, what conditions do you find yourself insisting be met before you start on sales and business building activities? Figure out how to deal with them or let them go.

Be like my surgeon. Focus on handling your most critical tasks like sales. Before it is a real emergency.

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