Do you want to redesign your life?   Years ago we interviewed the authors of “Repotting” Ginger Pape and Diana Holman.

As someone who finds raising plants a challenge, I was intrigued by their premise of changing your life and how it relates to plants.  My favorite quote from their book is, Rule 6 in the “Rules of Repotting” which is to Find Your Authentic Self – Write Your Story: “Women today are asking themselves: Why put off being who I really want to be? We don’t have the luxury of living a “practice” life.”

So, on the subject of “repotting” I had personally never repotted an actual plant until reading their book. Truth be told no plant ever survived long enough. However for the last two years I have had a wonderful (incredibly resilient) plant that has grown nicely despite being under my care.

So I took my plant, got in the car and went to the local nursery where I planned to have them repot my plant. it was time. However, as the woman at the nursery explained to me – (whom I was gladly prepared to pay for this service) – they don’t do it.

With instructions, a new yellow pot and soil, I left to repot. As it turns out the roots of this plant had become so twisted, tangled and long that I literally had to cut off the pot to finally get it out (as you can see.) The amazing news is I did it and the plant is still living. I was so excited that I called my mother to tell her and, buoyed by my success I repotted my other 2 plants.

Lessons learned:

1) If you don’t repot often enough your roots get so long and tangled it gets harder and harder.

2) No one will repot for you.

3) I am a repotter both in my plant life and life-life.

As Richard likes to say,

“You can’t have the life you want unless you are willing to give up the life you have.” – Richard Fenton  (And in this case that also goes for the pot!)

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