In our Go for No! documentary movie, Richard Fenton and I traveled 12,000 miles around the USA interviewing top achievers on how they have used failure, rejection, and hearing ‘no’ to their advantage as they have grown businesses and become successful.

Some of our “stars” included Bob Burg, Randy Gage, Jack Canfield, Honorée Corder, Larry Winget, Art Jonak, Margie Aliprandi and many more.  Of course, we could have interviewed many thousands of people who ‘go for no’ in their lives (whether they call it that or not!) and don’t let NO stop them. We’d still be shooting the movie.

I would have definitely interviewed Bubba Page, CEO of LaunchLeads, founder of Quotadeck – a true Go-for-No guy. I won’t tell his story, but you should read his article on Inc., “How Facing Constant Rejection Turned Me Into a Sales Guru.”

But I must add… during our shoot, we stumbled – literally – upon two missionaries in Portland, Maine and interviewed them on the side of the road. I think they would make Bubba proud.

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