Fear of rejection can sabotage you. An all-too common comment we hear: what do you do when fear is keeping you off the phone?

While online marketing can carry you pretty far, most sales will take place through conversations over the phone and it’s up to you to dial the number.

You cannot analyze your way out of this until the fear is gone.

Action is the only remedy. So, adopt a simple three part strategy:

1) Only allow yourself to do the day’s most enjoyable task until the call(s) is made.
2) Write out the 1-2 points you want to discuss and end with a question. A final decision making question must be asked. Keep it short.
3) Be willing to be bad. Perfectionism is the enemy of lost sales and productivity. Besides, no one knows what it was supposed to be like, only you do.

The worst most screwed up presentation still has the chance to take you to the next step or land you a sale.

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