As the authors of Go for No! we encourage people to hear no more. However, when they do, most people aren’t fully equipped with what to do next. Truthfully, this is an issue that we’ve been seeing for years.

So finally… after way too long… our new book is here.

It’s called, “When They Say No: The Definitive Guide for Handling Rejection in Sales.” (Unlike most authors that write a new book every 1-2 years, we believe in writing a new book every two decades, haha.)

What the book is NOT: it’s not every kind of rejection you can ever get. (There are hundreds of reasons you might get a no.) These are what we’ve discovered are the best, most important ways to handle the majority of nos: 41 strategies in all.

A Menu for No

We examine exactly what should happen when it comes to hearing “no” in sales. It’s not a process per se… think of it as a menu to choose from when it comes to getting No:

  • What should you think when you get it?
  • What should you say when you get it?
  • What should you do when you get it?

You have a relationship with the word “no” and with this book, you can make that relationship stronger, working for you, not against you.

The other good news: the book is short enough to be read in one sitting!

Four Parts

Part One: The Power of “No”
How is getting “no” a model for achieving success? 

Part Two: When They Say “No”
41 practical and effective strategies for handling the no both internally–what you should think and say to yourself–and externally–what you should say and do next with the customer. Examples include: Listen, Don’t Take It Personally, Don’t Be Desperate, It Might Be a Good Time to Quit, It Might Be a Blessing, You Shouldn’t Be Surprised, You Should Be Surprised, See It as a Gift, Accept It, and more! Sales managers: This section is ideal for leaders to pick out one or two concepts to use for Monday morning sales huddles or monthly sales meetings. 

Part Three: When They Say “Yes”
A few of our best (often overlooked) ways you must stretch your “asking muscle” to be most effective and maximize the yes.  

Part Four: Parting NOtivation
A couple of our favorite stories to give readers the clarity and courage they need to turn no from an obstacle into an asset in their career. 

Isn’t it time that you stopped letting no stop you? Get the mindsets and strategies to stay positive, keep going, and find a yes, when they say no. The book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle and can be found by going to