People fear: if I ‘go for no’ I’ll get a no.
If I expect rejection, it will happen.

It’s true that expectations can play a role in our mindset and then in our actions.

If you’re playing in a baseball game and you believe the other team is much better and that your team will likely lose – that could affect your play. Maybe you don’t put in 100% effort because you’ve already decided the outcome will be a loss.  And if everyone on the team believes this? You probably will lose.

Go for No! is never about creating a ‘losing‘ attitude.

You can have a winning mindset and “yes” energy and still, go for no.

It’s about taking a negative reality (rejection happens) and choosing to react and handle it in the best most positive way. It’s about creating a ‘winning’ attitude – at all times – not just when you get a ‘yes.’

We don’t expect a ‘no’ but we do ‘accept’ a no.

When we accept it as part of the process of achieving anything in life, that empowers us to keep going.

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