If you’re a sales leader, it’s tempting to dismiss people’s attitudes regarding failure and rejection. After all, they’re adults.  They should be able to handle hearing the word ‘no’ a bit. Not so fast.

Please read this.

7 Truths About Rejection within Your Organization:  

1. The older people get, the more they tend to run from opportunities to even experience the possibility of failure and rejection.

2. As a result, your organization can’t only recruit the “fearless top performers” – there are simply not enough of them.  The fearful must be recruited, too and they are in much greater numbers than anyone realizes. Plus, you most likely don’t have time to find them and if you do, you may not be able to afford them anyway.

3. The Millennial Generation as well as Gen Z also needs your help more than ever. According to Simon Sinek, the Millennial generation is in no position to successfully handle rejection. (Social selling is not a solution to their fears either. It’s simply today’s method of communication. The fears are as real as they were for people using the phone or meeting in person.) According to the Oliver Wyman Forum, they will be 27% of the workforce by 2025. Although “empathetic, pragmatic, and wise beyond their years” their “mastery of technology has left their social skills less developed. They have challenges spotting misinformation, and a fear of making mistakes.

4. Since fear is not measurable it is easy to ignore. And there are significant root factors that can’t be quantified or directly measured like fear, frustration, discouragement, and (ultimately) broken spirits.

5.  The root factors do become obvious once it is too late. Once people have “mentally exited” which is why in the last couple of years the term “quiet quitting” became a phenomenon and the topic du jour on LinkedIn. So they get closer and closer to giving up than staying. They have convinced themselves, they don’t “have what it takes.” Production rapidly declines. Soon after, they physically and formally leave the organization.

6. This churn and turnover is incredibly time-consuming and expensive. (You know this better than we do.)

7. People must be given tools to help them create a simple and powerful mind shift to overcome their fear (or at least to tolerate it) as they build their sales skill, achieve positive results and a basic level of confidence.

This is why we believe that Go for No! is a message that the people within your organization want, need and deserve. Let’s talk about the different options for bringing it into your company. Email us at info@goforno.com