We’d like to cover a small perceptual challenge we run into often, especially from those who are fans of the “law of attraction” philosophy (as are we by the way!) and it is this…

“NO is so NEGATIVE. If I focus on the NO’s I’ll get them. I want to be positive.”

So let’s clear this up. You are NOT focusing on NO. You are not hoping, praying or wishing for a NO. The only thing you are doing differently is in the not avoiding it. There is a big difference between accepting a no and expecting one.

You see, what’s important in “law of attraction” is the last 6 letters… ACTION.

You already know that if you sit in your living wishing and attracting a Ferrari it isn’t happening. It works about as well as going only for yes and avoiding no. Pretty soon you’ve got to stop all activity as chances are the no’s are going to show up for you. Sorry. No’s still happen (though much less) to the best of the best.

So, relax. You are not secretly trying to get a “no.” You are merely acting and then allowing the result to occur… whether it is a yes or a no. Either way, you should be excited because you did the most important part… you did the hardest part. And that was to take action.

That said, we are 100 percent positive that YES and NO are a package deal. You simply can’t have one without the other—not in major quantities at least.

So if what you really want is to hear YES more often, then you want to hear NO more often, too.

By attracting more no’s into your life, you automatically attract more yeses into your life.

If A = B and B = C, then A = C.

YES is the destination → NO is how you get there.

That’s the extent of our math skills, so please don’t ask for a deeper explanation. But trust us when we tell you, the proof is in the doing.

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