There’s a scene in the Go for No movie with Art Jonak who talks about the feelings people have about the word “no.”

Art says, “From a very early age, we’re programmed with “No” being negative. Is it negative? Hey, it’s just the way we’ve been programmed, right?”

We have all been programmed this way.

Recently I was told that a person with responsibility for a large organization for sales and development didn’t like the title, “Go for No!” because it’s negative.

Well, okay. If something is negative, and you don’t want to deal with it, maybe you can…

  • Ignore it and pretend that no’s don’t exist. (We’ve tried this actually and it didn’t work).

This is a recipe for mediocre performance. Pretending that there isn’t “rejection” and “failure” and no’s in the world is like deciding you don’t need flood insurance when you live near the river. Just ignore it and it won’t happen. Except you know there are no’s out there, and the only way is to go through them. Ignoring rejection just gives it power and makes people deathly afraid of getting no’s.

This tendency to deflect and pretend is not a good leadership strategy.

It’s not about trying to think “positive” or not think, “negative.” It’s understanding the truth and empowering yourself with strength and courage, not fear and hopelessness.

Perhaps you can…

  • Make “no” positive. Accept the no’s. Don’t expect them but accept them. When you ‘go for no’ the yeses will show up your door often in greater quantities than you ever imagined.

Which sounds better to you?

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