Not sure who said it but there’s a saying that goes, “People who can’t stand to see the success of others will never experience their own.”

Let’s ask this question:

Instead of envying their success, can you envy what they are doing to obtain it?

And then, can you start applying some of those things in your own life and career?

What do you see them doing to get that success?

  • Do they come in early and stay late?
  • Are they wildly consistent no matter what?
  • Are they always prospecting for new business?
  • What work habits do they have?
  • Do they cut corners or focus on even small details?
  • Are they open-minded or cynical about everything?
  • Are they excited and passionate about what they do?
  • Do they have a coach, and if so who is it?

They aren’t successful for no reason, so figure it out.

If it’s not obvious, ask them.

Most people will be flattered and will gladly share with you. They aren’t interested in hoarding their success strategies. (Usually, because they know other people won’t do them in the first place!)

Then yes, focus on yourself!

One of two things will happen…

  1. You will be able to employ some of the things that successful people are doing and get more successful yourself.
  2. You won’t do what it takes, but you will no longer be envious because you’ll know how much work actually goes into other people’s success and that it doesn’t come easy.