What if Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker were forced to pause their epic battles throughout the galaxy… and become salespeople? 💫

Why would I even think to write such a thing? It was recently May 4th which has become a de facto holiday for Star Wars fans and… because I am also a serious Star Wars fan.

As a salesperson, Darth Vader would be intimidating, to say the least.

He would use his deep, menacing voice to try and persuade customers to buy whatever he was selling.

He would rely on his reputation as a Sith Lord to intimidate customers into making a purchase.

Because he likes technology (e.g. Death Star), he’d get a job at a Tesla store.

Imagine a customer walks in looking for a new car. Darth Vader approaches them, his cape billowing in the wind…

“You want to buy this car,” he says in his deep voice. “It is the best car in the galaxy. You will be pleased with your purchase.”

The customer, intimidated by Darth Vader’s presence (maybe feeling a little squeeze around the neck) agrees to buy the car.

Luke Skywalker would be a much different type of salesperson.

He’d use his Jedi training to help customers make the right decision for them, rather than simply trying to make a sale.

He would be patient, empathetic, and willing to listen to the customer’s needs and concerns.

Although having a farming background, Luke might also gravitate toward tech and get a job selling computers.

Imagine a customer walks into the store, looking for a new computer.

Luke Skywalker approaches them, smiling warmly. “What can I help you with today?” he asks. The customer explains their needs, and Luke listens carefully. He asks questions, making sure he fully understands what the customer is looking for.

Then, he suggests the best possible option based on those needs without considering the price.

And he offers additional items that would improve the purchase. (A technique called “Go for No!” taught to him by his sales manager, Yoda!)

If you want to be an intimidating salesperson who will use any means necessary to make the sale, behave like Darth Vader.

Otherwise, sell like Luke.

And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to buy a computer from a Jedi?