How can you save yourself from always starting tomorrow? We all suffer from procrastination. Tomorrow is a very attractive day to start. Tomorrow you could feel more courageous…

  • More energetic.
  • More interested.
  • More capable.
  • More, more, more of what you don’t feel now.

Here are three things to consider:

#1: Stop paying attention to those feelings.

Tomorrow will come and if you didn’t take any action today there is absolutely no reason to believe that you will feel any different. The irony is, that the only way you can feel a little different tomorrow is by doing something different today. Let go of being in the mood. Ignore your mood. Your mood is fleeing. And, it’s sabotaging you.

#2: Stop focusing on success and perfection. Most people don’t start today because they aren’t ready. Embrace not being ready. There are only a few things in life that you really shouldn’t do if you are not fully prepared and your skills are perfected.

Those things are:

  1. Flying an airplane.
  2. Brain surgery.
  3. Anything involving a nuclear reactor.

For everything else, waiting until you are 100% ready is a myth that will likely keep you waiting forever.
The second part is you had better also be willing to fail. It will happen. You are a human that has persistence built into your DNA. Everything you did until now was a failure until you succeeded. Keep that up. It works.

#3: Starting small is starting. Often when people can’t do the big thing, they pout and then do nothing at all. Want to be a best-selling author? So, why aren’t you writing? Maybe it’s because you see writing a blog as “not worth it” or “too small” to matter. It matters.

Want to earn the #1 spot on the top earner board? But starting at the lowest rank is humiliating so you’d rather not be on it at all. Even if you can’t fully begin, start small.
Small is just an excuse, usually to keep from #2 on this list… avoiding failure.

And finally, remember this. Life is short. You may be young and think you’ve got so many tomorrows you can’t possibly worry about using them up. You’ll be surprised how fast it starts to go until one day you realize how many tomorrows you squandered.

As Walter Payton said, “Tomorrow is promised to no one.”

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