From the file: “How to Make Someone Who Says No to You, Fall Out of Their Chair.” (Who doesn’t want to do this?? 😁 )

What do you do when you get a No? 🤔

Here’s a great suggestion I heard from Samantha McKenna of #samsales (Okay, I admit I’ve been Linkedin and Youtube stalking her for a little while. She’s amazing.)

Anywhoo, here’s what Sam said on the Women Your Mother Warned You About podcast about what to do when you lose.

From Linkedin sales expert Sam McKenna:

“We talk about being a gracious loser… if we lose a deal we send handwritten thank you notes. Most reps are like, ‘I’m not grateful for anything why am I doing that?’

We’re like, because you even had the chance! You’re the one that lost the deal, not the client. You missed the mark but be grateful that you even got the opportunity.

New relationships, people now know who you are, they know what you do, etc., and guess what? They’re going to change jobs. And if you’re not a total jerkface, your buyers will fall out of their chair if they get a thank you note when you didn’t get your way.”

Could you imagine doing this?

Have you done this??

Next time you get a No, give it a try.

Who knows? You have nothing to lose. Literally.

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