A friend and sales trainer, Bernie Cronin, of Sandler Training Pompano Beach FL, sent us this great Go for No! story. Here it is as Bernie shared with us:

“I had a client by the name of Fred a few years ago and we were doing a goal setting session. He was in the insurance business and was struggling with his prospecting.  I asked him about a goal he would like to achieve in the next 6 months and he said “It will be our 5th Wedding Anniversary and I’d like to take my wife to Bermuda, where we spent our honeymoon for a long weekend. I asked how much it will cost and he said “$1,500.00 off-season.”

I said, “Fred I’m not a good prospect for you. My college roommate handles all of my insurance so I am telling you it’s a NO.” I then took out an envelope wrote $ 1,500 on it and gave him the envelope and I put $ 1 in it. Then I said “Now go get 1499 more NO’s and every time you get a NO put $1 in the envelope and you’ll have enough money to go to Bermuda.

He said astonishingly, “you are sick.”

Then Fred thought a little and said, “you’ve got a deal.”  So he picked up the phone and started calling like this, “Hi, my name is Fred with Northwestern Mutual. I sell insurance and you are probably not interested in speaking with me but your name came upon my prospect list so the reason for my call.”  Guess what happened? He closed more business than he ever had, went to Bermuda and never got to his 1,500 NO’s.  Moral, NOtivation works!”

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