Level four of The Five Failure levels is to Fail Bigger.

That means going after someone who is a “scary prospect”… we call them a “big fish.”
A big fish = scary, intimidating, “big” prospect or partner that would make a sizeable difference to your network, sales, income, and success.

It would be like a writer sending their script to Netlfix. Or a salesperson calling on Elon Musk at Tesla.

Their no might be tough to take because their yes could make a big difference to your success.

The truth is that people are NOT scary. People are people. It takes no more energy to type the email or dial the number of someone of great wealth or status than it does for someone you went to high school with.

What’s scary is the status our minds place on them. We are the ones who create the fear and place it onto someone else.

They don’t do that to us.

Physiologically and psychologically… your neighbor, the stranger who fills out a lead form on your website, the hostess at your favorite restaurant, and the VP of Global Technology at Logitech are all just people.

They have wants, needs, fears, and problems… and fear of problems. So, figure out what problem YOU solve and focus on that.

Don’t focus on the “scary person.”

But wait! This person’s a doctor. A lawyer. They are super smart, they are incredibly wealthy. They are friends with everyone, if I do one wrong thing, they could crush my goals and dreams.

That’s your brain working overtime trying to keep you safe.

Go back and re-read this post. These people, no matter how smart or wealthy are people. Money and degrees don’t make some people better than others. You know something that they don’t. So, go and try to help them. Be kind, and respectful, and if they don’t want it, hold your head up high, and move on.

And by the way, someone likely thinks you are scary. Are you??

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