TomHopkinsQuoteOnce people learn they should “go for no” the very next question is usually: exactly how many no’s should I be getting??

Ray Higdon, the co-author of our book, Go for No! Network Marketing famously got 20 no’s a day. He was prospecting like mad. No one was there to tell him how crazy that was. Although, it worked and he got massive results by taking massive action.

That kind of production is not easy although, for someone in telemarketing, they could do probably do that by lunchtime. So, it depends on how much time you are actively prospecting or having conversations with customers.

Think about all the ways you can get a NO: prospecting and lead generation, inviting someone to meet with you, asking someone to sample a product, watch a video, or attend a demo, upgrading to a better product or package, add-on selling, asking for referrals, following up with past clients or leads… on and on.

If you did a couple of these things each day, you can see that it won’t take you all that long to collect a reasonable number of no’s.

We suggest you create a no awareness (how many no’s are you getting now?) and then set a “no goal.”
Make it challenging. And make it fun!

Remember: the behaviors of ‘go for no’ are all selling and business-building behaviors. If you aren’t carving out time to ‘go for no’ each day that you are able to work on your business, you are not focusing on what is going to make you successful.

There’s a saying that goes: sales solves all problems. When you are going for no you are engaging in one of the most important aspects of your business: not a “nice to do” – a “must-do.”

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