One question I am asked often is, when you’re really down, gotten no after no, how do you pick yourself up??

The answer is, to change your state.

The best ways?

Two things: MOVEMENT and MUSIC.


Get out from behind your desk. Put your phone on silent (or better yet, play music, see step 2)

Take a walk. Run. Go to the gym.

Movement gives you a change of state, scenery, and physicality (endorphins, anyone?) will also help. 


Listening to a great song will change your emotions which will also change what’s happening in your mind. (e.g., your brain letting advising you that all the rejection you’re getting is super awful and you’re going to die if someone else says, no!)

I’m sure you have some of your own but here are some of my favorite go-to uplifting rock songs that will pull you out of a slump:


Van Halen: Dreams (And its close cousin, “Right Now”)

30 Seconds to Mars: Closer to the Edge

Christina Aguilera: Fighter


 Not a music person?

Then put on a funny movie, or find your favorite comedian on Netflix. Change your state. 

Remember you aren’t alone, life is short, and keep going.

You got this.

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