One of the things we hear a lot is feeling guilty about asking, approaching, and/or “selling.” Can you imagine starting a business and failing just because you feel guilty for trying share information about your product, service, or business?

You may completely be able to imagine it because you know people that it’s happening to.

Guilt about asking is coming from a place where you …

a) don’t believe in your product

or b) you think that sell is a four letter word.

Okay, it is a four letter technically, but seriously – you see selling as something you are doing to people and not for them. You see it as manipulation and not assistance. You see selling as “I Win” and “You Lose” not as a “Win-Win.”

How do you overcome this?

First you have to believe that what you are asking someone to do or buy has the ability to positively impact their life somehow, solve a problem, or change their condition for the better. A lemonade stand on a hot summer day does this! We need to tap into that core philosophy for our own business.

Next, you must get rid of this idea that when you are selling you are doing something that is not in the customer’s best interest. If you have something that this person should know about – get on with telling them the story about you, your product, or your service and let them decide whether or not it’s for them.

Save your guilt for having an extra slice of chocolate cake – not for selling. I know I will.

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