People often ask us, when it comes to going for no – do you just keep going at people over and over in the exact same way?

Of course not.

When it comes to selling – and “going for no” you need to be creative.  You don’t want to approach the same person over and over again in the exact same way.  But when you ‘go for no’ you aren’t giving up on someone just because you got one ‘no’ one time. To do so would be a huge waste of invested time (finding the prospect) not to mention the fact that people often say ‘no’ 3, 4, and 5+ times before making a decision.

Ask yourself, how can you get creative?

Try this simple exercise: create a list of at least 12 ways you can go back to the same person/prospect in a new or different way. For example: sending an email, calling/leaving a message, in-person meeting, sending a card or gift, and sending a text are just a few ways.  In addition, each time you do this, focus on creating value for example:

  • Pose an interesting question
  • Make them laugh (use humor)
  • Share a new fact or bit of information
  • Offer professional advice
  • Give a sample, gift or item to remember you
  • Send a link to a blog post with a post that would offer them value and insights

If you come up with 12 ways to stay top of mind with your prospect – and you check in with them every 2-3 months – you just created a two year follow up plan! Not bad.

That is how you’ll turn no’s into yeses.

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