Richard and I recently attended the annual conference of the Association of Talent Development, where we took part in the massive Expo. The Expo was made up of companies in the “world” of training and development—everything you can imagine, from content providers to delivery platforms and technology, AI all over the place, and more. We were there to meet sales-driven organizations and introduce them to Go for No!

At one point, a woman named Abbey approached us. She said she was currently unemployed but actively looking for a new role. After explaining a bit about Go for No!, she told us about how her husband was helping her face the challenges (aka: rejection) in her job search.

He created a spreadsheet and rewarded her points for various activities. Getting a “form rejection” is worth 10 points and a “live” in-person rejection is 20 points.

Abbey is also rewarded points for other job-search activities like getting a phone screening or an in-person interview. Then, she can “cash in” her points for rewards: 100 points for a small reward, 200 points for a large one.

When you can turn rejections of any kind into a game, it changes how you view the process. When you collect a certain number, give yourself a small reward.

What’s the reward? It could be anything that matters and is meaningful to you.

  • A half-hour break to watch your favorite videos on YouTube (for me, it’s Finnegan Fox). This way, your time wasting is “approved” and not just procrastination!
  • If you’re food motivated (like I am) your favorite snack or, make good choices – your favorite protein bar.
  • Or, work to collect enough points to trade in to buy yourself something you’ve been wanting.

The bottom line: gamify your Nos, see it as a game, and have more fun!

Here’s the picture of Abbey’s Job Search Playing Card from her original post about this on LinkedIn: