At a commencement speech delivered in 2014, actor Jim Carrey said, “So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality.”

Our brains are designed to help us survive.

Fear plays a BIG role in that.

Is the fear appropriate? If there isn’t an obvious threat like a bear coming toward you, it can be challenging to know if the fear is justified.

We teach people how to handle the fear of rejection in sales and business. Almost all of that fear is unnecessary and no longer serves humans living in the 21st century. So you can’t listen to your brain at all!

To the extent that the fear makes you prepare – that’s good.

To the extent that the fear makes you anxious, hold back and not take action – not good.

Sometimes what feels like intuition is actually fear.

For example, your eyes pass over a tree and you don’t notice the snake hanging from it. But your brain caught it and it warns you (by giving you a feeling) to go back and look again. It can feel like intuition.

What about true intuition?

Some people might describe it as a sixth sense. An inner knowing on the deepest level, your subconscious. Perhaps it’s the universe, or a higher power guiding you.

So, which one do you listen to?

The answer is to first, practice awareness.

Most people don’t pay attention. They simply react and assume that what they are feeling is correct. They don’t question fear. They feel the sensations of fear and allow it to control them.

Suppose someone wants to sing on one of those popular T.V. talent shows, and they are really good, but also terrified of being told, No.

Their intuition says, “Go for it! You are good enough! What if they say yes??”

Their fear says, “Avoid rejection! What if you fail? People will laugh. It’s very scary and dangerous.”

We have to learn not to always trust fear. Fear can rob us of a lot of opportunities in life. Remember, it looks like “practicality.”

Become aware of how fear works on you. And then have the courage not to react and instead, question your fears.

Then, finally, listen to your gut. What do you really, really, really, really believe?

Give yourself a little time. Go with that.

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