Do you hate looking salesy but can’t figure out how to ask for the appointment, order, or close the sale, the “right way?”  Let’s call this, the “big ask.” Everything else in the sale is the easy stuff: qualifying questions and information gathering and different from the big ask.

Let’s start with a mindset shift before we talk about changing how you ask. Usually I find that the problem is NOT that people are asking in an aggressive, salesy way – the problem is that they think asking at all, is aggressive and salesy.

If you operate with this false premise, then no amount of clever scripting is going to help. So before you worry about “how” to ask, get your mindset right.  I know it won’t change by reading one blog post but if you work on it, you can change.

So, now it’s time for the “big ask.” Besides mindset, the only other considerations are these:

Is this person qualified? Did you ask detailed questions that moved the process forward? Does the information you got make the “big ask” feel right? If so, then ask. In doing so it is not pushy, aggressive or salesy if you approached the process in the right way. It’s just selling.

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