Questions about Go for No? We’ve got answers!
Who is ‘Go for No!’ for?

People who find us have come to the inescapable realization that their fear of failure and rejection has become a significant roadblock to success in business and often in life.

If this is you, do not despair, you are not alone. This is a mindset and a strategy for anyone who must face failure and rejection.

We also have leaders in sales-focused organizations who recognize that their team would benefit by learning this mindset, too.

The most popular businesses that have us in to speak or buy books and materials include B2B and B2C companies of all kinds but specifically direct sales, retail sales, insurance and financial, medical/pharmaceutical, and real estate. It also works of course for non-profits, start-ups, and solo practitioners.

People who are ready for this program usually have a need to increase their sales, improve their confidence, and a major desire to reduce their fears and anxiety.

Is Go for No! an aggressive program that manipulates people into buying stuff they don’t want or need?
Absolutely not.

While the program clearly drives home the importance of tenacity and persistence, it never takes a manipulative, hard-edged approach to selling. To the contrary, Go for No!® is extremely customer-centric and very customer-friendly. In fact as we often, say ‘no is a perfectly acceptable answer.’ Of course, if you don’t ask, the answer is always ‘no.’

Where can you get the book?
Go for No! is available directly from us either order in our store. For bulk orders of over 100, call 800-290-5028 or email info@goforno.com.

It is also available in English on all Amazon stores (US, Canada, UK, It, Fr. etc.) See below for the translated language versions.

What languages is the book available in?
Go for No! Books have been translated for public sale in these languages:

Go for No! in French. http://www.netlibris.ca/ and on Amazon in French.

Go for No! in Spanish (Amazon Kindle)

Go for No! in German (Amazon Kindle) & Million Dollar Year in German (Amazon Kindle)

Go for No! in Italian on Amazon.

What makes Go for No!® different from other programs?
Other programs talk about overcoming rejection and TOLERATING failure in order to get to achieve success.

But that is NOT our message, not at all.

Go for No! teaches people to embrace failure and rejection providing them with a new, empowering mindset. Instead of having people feel that they are ill-equipped to deal with rejection, they will feel that they have a tool to help them keep going, staying positively persistent.

To our knowledge, it is the only program that teaches people to become more successful by INTENTIONALLY INCREASING their failure rate.

Do you guarantee results?
It’s impossible to know  or guarantee, exactly what your results will be, so what is possible is unlimited! 

One of our favorite stories is the company that told us they were frustrated having to go up against such big numbers in the current month of January after we spoke for them in the same month the year before. It’s amazing the skills that are unleashed when people are no longer being held back by fears of rejection.

If you’re willing to put in the work, you could double, triple, or 10X your sales. Your mindset about how you think about “no” can turnaround 180 degrees. Your fear can be reduced to rubble while your confidence explodes. What’s possible for you is up to you.

We can guarantee this: When an individual or team engages in the Go for No! mindsets and behaviors for any length of time, positive results will follow.

What is the investment in this program?
Whatever you want it to be.

Because of the many available options, you choose the level of investment. This is what makes Go for No!® perfect for any budget, no matter what size your organization or sales team or individual.

At a $12 cover price, the book is great investment. The course, which is the next best step after the book is also very affordable. Our speaking fees are well inline with speakers and trainers in the personal development and sales industry and our depth of experience.

Do you offer quantity discounts?
Yes! And depending on the quantity ordered, the discount can be quite significant. Check out the Development Store to see all of the options.
Does Go for No! replace our existing sales training?

The magic of Go for No!® is that it makes no attempt to replace your organization’s existing sales training.  Rather, it serves as an enhancement tool, removing the primary obstacle – the fear of failure and rejection – that keeps your current training from achieving maximum impact. In fact, with the increase in activity, your people will more readily be able to move through their current training gaps, shoring up those areas where they need more help.

I don’t think our people would benefit from this program.
At the risk of sounding blunt and confrontational, you’re wrong.

We’ve worked with thousands of people in a variety of industries and if there’s one thing most people have in common it is that the word ‘NO’ is like a brick wall standing between them and success. It’s just not something people tend to talk about… especially with their immediate supervisor or team leader. So, if you think that Go for No! wouldn’t help your team, think again.

What other books have Richard and Andrea written besides Go for No?

Our newest book is actually a much needed and long awaited follow up (NOT a sequel) called, When They Say No. It’s a guide on what to think, say and do after you get a no and a must-have resource at your side when you start going for no. Available on Amazon and on all the audiobook platforms, too. 

The Fear Factory – a short powerful fable on understanding where fear really comes from in order to free yourself from it. Get the paperback on Amazon or if you prefer audio, on Audible.

The Diamond Line – a short powerful fable about financial success mindset based on the classic work, Acres of Diamonds by Dr. Russell H. Conwell. Get the paperback on Amazon or if you prefer audio, on Audible.

Million Dollar Year – a short powerful fable for the network marketing person still struggling or hesitant to commit to building a business, based on lessons from the “MLM Cruise.” Get the paperback on Amazon or if you prefer audio, on Audible.

Go for No! for Network Marketing – the ‘go for no’ mindset and insights and strategies from co-author with Ray Higdon, one of the best teachers in the profession today. Ge the paperback on Amazon or if you prefer audio, on Audible.

What’s the history of this concept?
The topic of no in sales has been around probably forever. We were just one of the first to package it (and get the registered trademark) with this specific phrase and to create training that goes well past the surface, and deep into the topic of no. 

For us, “Go for No!” began when we wrote and published the 80-page fable that teaches the concept through the story of Eric Bratton, a call reluctant salesperson. 

Since its very first printing all the way back in 2000, the book has become a phenomenon of publishing. Not available in traditional book stores, Go for No! has now reached 500,000 copies sold. After hitting Amazon’s #1 Sales & Selling list in late 2010, it has sat in the top 50 sales books for the last 13+ years. The topic of no in sales has been around probably forever. We were just one of the first to package it with this specific phrase and to create training just around the topic. 

Since then we’ve built a suite of proprietary concepts and strategies we share both live and in our online training that will help you develop the confidence and courage needed to approach anyone, anywhere, anytime with your offer, idea or business opportunity.

I’d like to talk to you about some of the options, how do I contact you?
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