A popular sales phrase is, the fortune is in the follow up.

This is an undeniable sales strategy with verifiable statistics. If you’ve ever done it at well, you know it to be true.

Most people talk about following up but never actually never do it.

Why? We believe it’s because they don’t know how coupled with a general discomfort. If the prospect didn’t say yes before, what could I possibly do or say now that would move them to action?

But unless you are inundated with fresh leads on a daily basis, follow up is crucial. It’s also crucial because people fear change – they fear making a decision – and so they’d rather do nothing than say, yes. They almost never make a decision on the first contact. So most salespeople help them do nothing rather than help them make a decision. Not great service.

So how do you follow up?

It goes without saying that you need a good system.

Assuming you have that, the key in our opinion is simplicity. Don’t make it a long drawn out presentation. Whether phone or email, remind the person who you are, and what you are following up about, and  the next step in the process (ex: a meeting, a conversation, etc.)

That call to action is BIG.

Make sure it is perfectly clear what the action step is for the person you are following up with! And be sure to keep it short.

Just by following up you will have dramatically improved your chances at taking the next step with them.

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