When I was growing up, my best friend was an amazing gymnast. She competed at meets around our state and had massive trophies all over her room. I assumed she was a natural. Maybe she was but maybe it was also because her parents started her in classes at around age three.

She trained and she trained. There was a balance beam in their hallway. I didn’t realize that she was practicing all the time. To me, she was born a gymnast.

Ever met a natural-born salesperson?

They tell great stories, schmooze everyone in the room, and seem to close business with no effort. They win the awards, trips, and their sales training process is, “watch me, it’s so easy!”

So how do you compete against the natural-born salesperson if you are not one? Can you?

You can with persistence.

Sure, the natural-born salesperson can pick up the phone and schedule an appointment in the first conversation. For you? It might take 20 calls to get one appointment.

But you can do it.

Yes, the natural-born salesperson can waltz into a meeting with a prospect and get the sale. For you? It might take 10 meetings to close one sale. But you can do it.

And the natural-born salesperson can suggest several add-ons turning a regular sale into a massive one.

For you?

It may take many attempts and lots of practice in building the value of add-on products and services. But if you stick with it long enough, you can do it.

You can persistence your way, practice your way, and “go for no” your way to producing as much as any natural-born salesperson. Go for No is the great equalizer no matter what field you are in because it keeps you in the game.

You don’t have to be a star player, you just have to hustle. No one can take the hustle away from you.

You can be good and then get great. And then people will wonder how you became a natural-born salesperson.

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