What are the chances that you will succeed?

If you take a coin, what are the chances that if you flip it, it will be heads? The answer is 50%.

What if you flip that coin 100 times and it comes up heads all 100 times.

On the 101st attempt, what are the chances it will come up heads again? Less than 50% now? Actually, no. Each coin toss, no matter what ever  y coin toss has done before, is totally independent.

So the answer is, it’s 50% again.

You attitude about the next interaction must be the same as a coin flip.

You may have gotten one ‘no’ or 100 no’s. But the next conversation and interaction is completely independent of everything that has gone on in the past. It’s easy to let ourselves be haunted by past experiences, especially the negative ones. To think that we will never have it go our way.

So who knows if your chances for success are 50%… more or less. But what we do know is that every time you actually take one of those chances, that next opportunity may just be THE ONE.

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