We often say that we want people to reprogram how they think about the word “No.” But really, is this possible?

Imagine a large fish bowl filled with water.

Imagine that someone puts a small drop of BLUE DYE into the water. Would the SINGLE drop make the the entire fish bowl BLUE? No. The drop would dissipate and disappear in the water, almost as if it were never there.

Imagine however that, over time… a steady flow of blue drops were added to the bowl.

Eventually you’d see the water begin to turn pale blue… then sky blue… and eventually, with enough dye, the water would turn a dark navy. Now, if you wanted to CLEAR UP the water in a fish bowl, all you have to do is DUMP IT OUT and replace it with fresh water.

Oh… if only it were so easy with the human mind!  With the mind, the rules are very different! Because once a DROP or THOUGHT has gone into your mind… it’s… there forever. There is no way to simply dump them and start over.

The only way to change the water in your mental fishbowl is to add positive drops of a different color… say YELLOW, for example.

Of course, like the blue drops, the YELLOW DROPS will not be noticed at first, either. But… over time… if we add enough yellow drops of POSITIVE thoughts to the BLUE water in our mental fishbowl, eventually it will begin to turn GREEN!

We have all been programmed to think of failure, rejection and hearing the word “NO” as being bad or negative. It’s going to take a lot of drops to counteract the limiting messages that have been “dropped” into your mind over many years… and RE-COLOR your perspective. But it CAN be done!  (If you don’t have it yet, check out our ‘Reprogram How You Think About No’ Audio CD.)