Before I answer the question: can a product self itself? I need to mention that it’s always nice to be named on a list.

Recently, Jason of reached out and said he had compiled a list of the 49 Best Books for Network Marketing and that “Go for No!” was at the top of his list. Check out the list here! (Great list, lots of books worth looking at to choose your next read.)

What’s interesting is that we didn’t write Go for No! specifically for the network marketing or direct sales profession. But they hear ‘no’ a lot. And so as far as solving the problem goes, there are not many that focus on rejection more than Go for No! And that has been one of the big reasons for its success and why it resonates with so many in the profession of direct selling as well as a few others.

And that brings up an important point about creating or selling anything.

You must be clear about the problem you are helping people solve. No matter how minor it may seem.

There are people that are looking for solutions and you sell the thing that will give them that solution.

Keep your mind focused on that at all times and eventually, kind of like our book has evolved, people begin to feel that you developed the product with its features and benefits just for them.

And that’s when a product can sell itself!

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