People who want the most approval get the least and people who need approval the least get the most.” – Wayne Dyer

This quote got me thinking about rejection and the desire for approval. Often times when we get a ‘no’ and once the obvious and superficial sting goes away, the underlying subconscious feelings bubble up. And those subconscious things are things like worthiness or intelligence.

For example, this one ‘yes’ means I will succeed, that I am smart or worthy. In contrast, a ‘no’ means I am destined  to fail, I’m not as good or as smart as I thought.

When you are looking for validation of your work or ideas through each yes or no, you will put yourself on a painful emotional roller coaster ride. And although you can have massive influence, ultimately you have no control over what people are going to do or decide.

Therefore, the truest way to have peace in your life and business is to separate yourself from the outcome.

Don’t look for validation in the results.

Stop interpreting each yes or no as a tea leaf prediction for your future success.

For true success to happen you are going to get a tremendous number of both yeses and nos.

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