Getting a ‘no’ is a chance to discover something you had not thought about. It causes you to dig further, ask more questions, gather more information, and in the end it can help you serve your customers.

However, if you are not getting any yeses, literally all you are getting is ‘no’ then you are right, there is probably an issue. One ‘no’ tells you nothing. But 100 no’s without a yes, could be a warning sign. A sign that you need to make a change.

But in order to make a change you need to know where the issue is happening. So you need to diagnose at which part of the process are you losing people. Analyze by asking…

  • Are you clear on your ideal customer/prospect?
  • Who are you approaching?
  • How are you approaching them? What are you saying?
  • Are you losing people later in the closing process?
  • What are the patterns?

If you find yourself in this position you are ahead of a lot of people. You got into action and the problem is fixable. Most people who are not engaged in any activity can only guess where the gaps are – they don’t have enough data to make an educated guess. They get a couple no’s but still have no real idea exactly how to improve.

Once you think you have an idea of where the ‘no’ keeps happening, focus on that. Study the leaders and the successful people in your profession for how they handle what seems to be the weakest point in your process. Use the no’s you get to learn and you will turn more and more of them into yeses!

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