Are you talking yourself out of making calls?

A while ago, I watched an interview between Eric Worre and a guy named Jeremy Stansfield. Jeremy is a seven figure earner in his company and has been for some time.

Here is what Jeremy said: “I was scared to death to make phone calls… I would sweat and I would stutter through those calls but I would make the calls.”

Later he joked that he would try to help other people in his business by being a third party on a call or be the lead person in the sales presentation where the customer was pretty interested and by the time he was done, he would lose the deal!

Now, that’s pretty bad.

But, he was coachable. Jeremy stayed with it as awful as he was. He focused on learning and growth knowing that he would improve day by day. One of the keys was that Jeremy was willing to look bad. A fantastic quote Eric shared during the interview was: “It’s hard to get better and look good at the same time.”

Get comfortable with the discomfort, embrace the sales chicken that you are and be willing to fail in order to succeed.

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