Okay, we admit it – went it was “the” hot game, we loved playing Angry Birds. We pride ourselves on our focus and productivity, so coming out of the Angry Birds closet (or nest) is hard.

Now, in case for some reason you don’t know, an ‘Angry Bird’ is the clever app game (designed by Finnish company, Rovio) in which birds are hurled – via a sling slot you control – for the purposes of killing (apparently) evil pigs.  Yes ridiculous… totally addictive… and a total waste of time.  Well, kind of. If play enough you’ll come to realize there are some great ‘success and persistence’ lessons you can learn. And here they are all, curated for you!

  • You rarely win the first time around… or the second… or the third… AND…
  • You will fail over and over and over and over
  • But there is some tiny little key learning to be had in every failed attempt
  • In many cases you will be absolutely convinced that winning a particular game is ‘impossible’ only to have an ‘ah ha’ moment in which you discover the way
  • Even when you DO win, you can go back and play again and see if you can win with an even higher ‘star’ or ‘point total’
  • The longer you play, the better you get at future rounds, from every game, win or lose
  • Eventually you will find there is a way to win nearly every game with a single shot

Oh, yeah. Something else: Angry Birds is the 50th game launched by Rovio… the previous 49 went virtually nowhere.

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