The key secret society doesn’t want you to know…

… about failure. That was the headline of a recent online video interview I did with Onder Hassan at Dawn of Change.

What is interesting, is that our society claims to value learning from mistakes but often times we see people being publicly shamed or humiliated when failure happens. (Have you checked the #fail hashtag recently?)

And yet here is another secret: top achievers and successful people are testing and trying stuff all the time and failing in the process. You just don’t see it and they don’t go out of their way to share it.

So on one hand, you have society looking down on “failure” for the large part, combined with the super successful among us keeping their own failures under wraps.

Luckily the phenomenon is starting to shift. For example, FailCon is a superb example of people coming together, sharing and learning from failures. And there are other people and events contributing to the failure movement; view my list of Failure Philosophers on twitter.

But the mindset is not easily changed. It requires ongoing reprogramming to change how you have been taught and trained to think about failure. If you have already, please sign up to get our ongoing monthly NOtivational newsletter to continue your journey.

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