We are honored at the letters, calls, and emails that we have received over the years. We’ve elected to list initials only on some communications to preserve the privacy of the person who wrote to us.

About the Book…

 “You can forget everything you’ve ever heard or read about selling!  Except what’s in this 74-page masterpiece of how-to specifics to increase your sales.”
One of America’s Most Sought After Sales Trainers

“I couldn’t put it down! All salespeople should put this book on their required reading list!”
Wayne Allyn Root, Host of The Winning EDGE®

“I just finished your Go for No book and enjoyed it immensely. I saw Richard and Andrea at the Atlantic City Convention Center; they were great! Thank you for writing this book!”
Connie Miller

“I read Go for No on the plane and immediately ordered 10 more.  I gave one to each of my three grown children and the rest to customers and sales associates.  I then ordered 15 more and passed most of them out as well.  It is a book no one should be without!”
Terry Langness, Vice President/National Sales, PARS

“I read your book and I loved it. In fact, I am going to use the concept myself and plan to give the book out to some of my clients.”
Laddie Blaskowski, Author, The Step Dynamic

“Your book, wow! From the first page until the last, I could not put it down.  It has been one of the best books I have ever read.  Now enjoying your wonderful CD package. And your NO-Stones, pure brilliance!”
Don Boyer, Author, The Power of Mentorship, Producer, The Power of Mentorship: The Movie

“I read GO FOR NO and immediately purchased copies for my entire sales team. If you are involved in sales in any capacity, GO FOR NO is a must read!”

“I just wanted to thank you. It took 40 years for someone to explain to me that not only is it ok to fail but that I can celebrate my failures. Thank You so much.”
Gord R. 

“Some ‘Yes Man’ traded in an unmarked copy of Go for No! to a used bookstore I frequent. I bought it and read it yesterday. Read it?! I dog-eared pages, underlined, highlighted, and made notes in the margins. Go for No! is a thought-provoking and life-changing book. Proof? I used the Go for No! principle to fundraise $116,000 for a small organization in just one week. It works. Thank you for writing it.”

 “When you gave me the book, something happened… can’t describe… like God intervening in my life. I’ve been inspired to create my empire because of reading your book.”

 Our family feels honored reading you. It is indeed a Gift, both of you have given to us. I am a 50 year old college professor, into research presently…and a distributor in India. As a mother and a teacher I wish this could reach everyone who desires to excel in life, in any role, vocation or sphere of life. I read the book almost as soon as my mother held it in her hands to read. In fact I could not stop reading it out aloud to her, cover to cover till the last page. Thank you both, I am going to use it now.”

“Thank you so much you book “Go for No”. It was borrowed to me by a friend over this past week end. Wow, I wept. For the past 16 years, after losing my business the fear of rejection rob me of my full potential. I am a new man.”
JE Vryheid KZN, South Africa

“I read the book and saw an immediate difference in the way I looked at the sales process. I was impressed enough that I personally ordered 12 copies for the agency managers that report to me.”
Ron Gregory, Sales Manager, COUNTRY FINANCIAL

“If you’re serious about living your definition of success add Go for No! to your personal library. The ideas shared are terrific and the unique story format that the book is written in makes it a delight to read.”
Josh Hinds, Founder, www.GetMotivation.com

“I just finished reading Go for No… I couldn’t wait to write to you, My God what a slap in the face… I’m going to share this with all my team. My journey is re-starting now.”
Pierre, Canada

 “Thank you for your book. I just began learning about your concepts and have already improved my business by 10%. That is after putting into practice your concepts for 2 days. I look forward to even more of an increase.”
F. Evans

“I just finished reading “Go For No” and just wanted to thank you folks for the motivation it has given me as I begin my career in sales.”
J. Harrington


About the Program…

We purchased the Go for No!® 3CD training program at our convention in October. It is AMAZING!!!  It’s an excellent tool to help people get past their fears and focus on what’s really important –getting as many NOs as possible to grow your business.  Thank you so much for this powerful tool!
Kim Willoughby, District Leader, PRIMERICA FINANCIAL SERVICES

“I was at the Express Day and wanted to say thank you for your incredible “Go for No” seminar.  I learned so much and it has changed my whole approach to this business (in only a few days) and I have already read the book and listened to the CDs a couple of times (perfect for the drive into work in the mornings!) My whole thinking has changed.

Thanks again.
Mr. J. Abbott

“You and your training is fantastic. This model is what I followed to win the trip to Cancun with my company! It’s so simple!”
Nancy Susteric

“I love your programs, BTW 🙂  I changed my outlook toward “no” when you and Richard were at the National Conference a few years ago, and my business has gone from “zero” to top seller/recruiter.  I owe it all to you! Thanks so much!!”
Olivia Cucco

“The course was great. It has created a mind shift for me. I purchased it a few months ago and also had the pleasure of seeing Richard and Andrea live in Dallas Texas. I have been in real estate sales for over twenty years and wish that I had the course when I first got started.”
G. Sinisgalli

About the Presentation…

“WOW!! We should have had you guys on a long time ago!  That was some of the best training, education, and motivation we have ever heard, and Brandon and I have been in and around sales organizations for 20 years combined.  We have had other professional speakers on before and we wondered how they could be professional speakers??!!  Not you guys! The call lines were maxed out and we weren’t kidding when we said we are all huge fans! Thank you so much!”
Casey Watkins, Symmetry Financial Group

“Hey Andrea, You and Richard were fantastic yesterday. Your content is spot-on, and your delivery is incredibly engaging.  Thank you for supporting our team!  I hope your product orders reflected the enthusiasm we are seeing on our end!”
Kim Fulcher, CEO & President

“Richard and Andrea spoke to our group of 4000 distributors and took them from a place of disliking and fearing rejection, to feeling excited to grow their business. There are no other speakers that capture this concept and alleviate fear of rejection like Richard and Andrea. Their presentation on stage together is a well –choreographed performance of stories and concepts that had our people talking for weeks afterwards. Better yet, we are seeing fantastic business results.  I would not hesitate to recommend them!”
Wayne Coupland, UW Ltd.

“I saw you speak at the Convention Center and was impressed… and the (recorded) training program is a great way to put to action your message. Great tools!”
Lisa Hutzler, Customer Relations Manager

 I read your Go for No! book three or four times, but nothing compares to hearing you in person. Your presentation the other night was by far the most motivational that I have ever seen.
Brandon Hajicek, Manager, SOFAMART

“It was the recharge that my sales team needed!  I had about a dozen people come in and thank me afterwards.  I also had to hand more Go for No books out, looks like I’ll be placing another order soon… I have to say you guys have your presentation DOWN!  It was great!”
Donnie Varner, WinePro

“After a long day our managers are not always the most receptive. However, it took Richard no more than a few opening sentences to revive them. You could see the change. They sat taller in their seats. What he had to say clearly resonated with the guys  Richard’s amazing ability to demystify the word “no” for our sales team is invaluable. We’re looking forward to seeing the results of Richard’s short time with us to our bottom line. Cassidy Tire is one company that’s ready to “Go for No!”
Richard Ahern, Owner, CASSIDY TIRE & SERVICE

“What a truly wonderful job you did presenting at our annual conference. Truly outstanding! Not only was your message insightful and motivating, you really connected with our audience. I can’t remember there being so much buzz about a keynote speaker… ever! Don’t be surprised if we call on you again next year!
Rick Nicoletti, President & Program Chairman, AUTOMOTIVE FLEET & LEASING ASSOC. (AFLA)

 “Thank you, Richard & Andrea, for being part of the great success of our Conference & Tradeshow. Our attendees thoroughly enjoyed your our skillful presentations!”

 “Thank you for speaking the first annual retail banking conference. You were an absolute surprise!! I’ve been doing this job long enough that I usually trust my instincts when it comes to speakers, and I just knew you would be good, but you ended up stealing the show. Thanks a million!”

“Thank you for presenting your Go for No program to our group.  You made a lasting impact on my staff and my family. Your examples and ideas have been very helpful at work. It is important for us to use your training to know if we have completely satisfied our clients. I think as children we all used the “go for no” concept naturally. Somehow as we age, no one taught us how to do this politely so we stopped using it altogether. I will be teaching my children how to use it effectively as they get older.”
Ralph Doggett, CFP, EA, Financial Advisor, KMS FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC.

 “Thank you so much for your Go for No presentation. I have been to many training sessions over the years and I must say your presentation was the best.  It is a straightforward, logical way to address the whole concept of making the sale. Instead of fearing “no” your approach encourages on to actually embrace it.  I think it will go a long way toward making our agents better insurance professionals.”
James H. Perucca, Executive VP, IND. INS. AGENTS & BROKERS of OREGON

“Not only was there an overwhelming, positive reaction to the concepts you presented, but the “buzz” afterward was amazing. “Go for No!” has actually become a catchphrase in our office involving any sales activity.  The mindset and paradigm shift has been refreshing. But, most important, people have already begun to use your concepts to get tangible, measurable results.  And this, of course, is the true test of any training program.”
Justin T. Samples, District Manager, AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL

“We had you speak at our conference and was so taken with the Go for No concept that I have made it required reading for every new sales associate we hire. Thanks again!!!”
Joe Traynham, District Manager, MATRESS FIRM

“Our managers were very impacted by Richard’s presentation. By far, his presentation received the greatest buzz from the three day meeting. Please pass along our appreciation for doing such a great job.”
Bill Woodall, Training Director, HIBBETT SPORTING GOODS, INC.

 The gang is raving about Richard’s presentation last week. Thanks again for helping make this conference the best ever!
Renee Dudley, Director of Training, DISCOVERY CHANNEL

 “I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you both. I was lucky enough to see you both do your talk and I have to say you made me cry as what you both said really hit home to me. I feel that a very big weight has been lifted off my shoulders (that to be honest I did not know was there until it was gone.) I have already talked to lots of people and signed up 5 new customers and have lots of interested people.”
A.C., UK