Stop Striving Start Arriving

Do you feel like you are constantly striving… but never arriving? Maybe that’s because you never allow yourself to arrive.

Most people only reward themselves for results. And most often, those results still aren’t good enough. You’re still not as good as what someone else did.

How about you start being a little kinder to yourself? And, instead of your efforts never measuring up to your expectations and the reward always off in the distance somewhere, around the next bend, you reward yourself more frequently for all the small actions and efforts that you do?

(This is one of the lessons in Go for No! Reward for no’s as well as yeses! Celebrate failure not just success!)

In addition to the next to-do list that you write, write up a “I did” list.

Remember the things that you took action on and accomplished. Did those things require courage? Did you take a risk? Did you ‘go for no?’

Now reward yourself for those things and I bet you’ll be a little more excited to stay positive and keep moving forward in the future. If you are your own boss (and ultimately you ARE the boss of your own life) don’t be a jerk to work for! Be the kind of boss who inspires your own greatness rather than someone who you can never seem to live up to.

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